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The Future of Real Estate: Discover a revolution in home selling with our AI-driven analytics: Our system meticulously analyzes thousands of real estate transactions, delivering unparalleled insights into agent performances. Understand market trends, compare listing and selling prices, and make informed decisions backed by data. Combining the precision of artificial intelligence with the experience of one of our licensed Real Estate Professionals, we provide a unique 'Comparative CarFax-like' report for your home. Get detailed, expert-verified insights that put you ahead in the market. Gain critical insights into your property’s value and the market dynamics, ensuring you make decisions with confidence! Each home is unique, and so should be its selling strategy.

Leverage AI for Your Real Estate Success

At ListingBright, we believe in the power of technology to transform the real estate experience. Let our AI guide you to the best agent, and discover a smarter way to sell your home. At ListingBright, we blend cutting-edge technology with expert human touch to revolutionize the real estate experience. Our AI system not only guides you to the ideal agent but also ensures that you're working hand-in-hand with a licensed real estate professional. Experience a smarter, more personalized way to sell your home, where advanced AI meets the expertise of the industry's best.

Ruben Pizarro Listing Bright Founder
With nearly two decades in real estate and a lifelong passion for software development starting at the tinder age of 9, I've created a unique AI tool that offers sellers critical insights before they list their homes. Listing Bright's advanced AI system is designed to evaluate market conditions, property values, and agent performance; aiming to demystify the selling process and empower homeowners with data-driven knowledge. My dual expertise bridges the gap between technology and real estate, providing sellers with a transparent and informed approach to navigating the market. Listing Bright's AI Real Estate Report is FREE for all primary residents, so schedule your free in-home consultation.

Ruben Pizarro - Realtor®
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Fill Out Our Questionnaire

Begin your journey by providing key details about your home. Our questionnaire is designed to gather essential information such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, garage space, land features, and recent photos of your home's interior and exterior. This data feeds into our AI system, setting the stage for a tailored agent-matching experience.


Experience Our AI-Powered Magic

Once we have your details, our advanced AI system gets to work. It meticulously analyzes the performance of real estate agents in your geographical area, focusing on properties similar to yours that they have successfully sold. Our AI's deep learning capabilities ensure a comprehensive and precise evaluation, pinpointing the agents most suited to your specific selling needs.


In-Home Agent Consultation

The final step involves one of our licensed real estate professionals presenting you with a detailed report, generated by our AI. This report, which you'll discuss during a complimentary in-home consultation, includes a list of the top real estate agents in your area, based on their past sales performance, averages, and side-by-side comparisons. This AI-crafted report equips you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about which agent to hire.

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